Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prep School

Before Prep School...

If you hadn't noticed already, I had taken a brief sabbatical from blogging.
With so much going on at once, something had to take a backseat.
In the span of a few weeks, I:

* Went on a long weekend get-away to Santa Barbara

* Got engaged while there!
(Here at the top of this belltower...)

* Moved out of my apartment

* And most life-changingly, cut bangs ( I kid, I kid... but I did really cut bangs... pictures to come!)

With all the inspiration brewing in my head that hasn't been able to unfold onto Violet Tinder, it feels nice to have a moment...

So here is Prep School:

Jacket- Zara/ Vest- Nordstrom/ Striped Shirt- Target/ Belt- Ralph Lauren/ Handbag- YSL/ Scarf- Vintage/ Shoes- Steven by Steve Madden/ Jewelry- Argento Vivo, Alexis Bittar, Kendra Scott, Cara, Ariella/ Watch- Michael Kors


  1. Welcome back! Ah, your look is ten times better than our sailor uniforms. Hated those. Congrats on the engagement!!!

  2. Congratulations on getting engaged! That is such exciting news!

    I LOVE the colors of your outfit. And the picture from Clueless is priceless! :)