Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last week, I mentioned I had cut bangs. As I've been focused on growing my hair out for the last few years, I was scared to try anything too different for fear I would regret it, yet I knew I needed a change.

In the past, I've been pretty bold with hair changes... I've had everything from a chin-length bob to platinum blonde hair to I-Love-Lucy-red curls. Once I decided I wanted it long though, I went cold-turkey. No curling, rarely straightening, and no cutting.

Eventually though, my itch returned. My wheels started spinning. Bangs crept into my mind.

The opinions I got when I asked a few friends seemed to be one of two:

"Yes, I love bangs!"
Or an "Oh my goodness, NEVER, I hate bangs!"(Nicole, I'm looking at you :).

So I went ahead and cut them.
Though they definitely make certain "easy" hairstyles more difficult (ponytails, wash-n-dry mornings), overall, they've been refreshing...and make headbands even more fun!

What hair style have you thought of trying but never quite bitten the bullet?
Or maybe you did! If so, what's the most drastic hair change you've ever tried?

Headband- Cara/ Denim Shirt- Cloth & Stone/ Tank- Hinge/ Shoes- Vince Camuto/ Black Cuff- Vintage/ Jewelry- Cara, Ariella, Argento Vivo/ Watch- Michael Kors


  1. simple but genius ideas of style!

  2. eee the bangs are so fabulous! Great choice!

  3. I've been thinking about bangs! Your hair looks great!!



  4. Hooray for bangs! You look positively adorable in them! And ohmigosh I love your Vince Camuto shoes - the laser-cut cheetah print on the wedge is awesome! :)

  5. I like them! I've been thinking about them myself but am afraid to do it... I need courage!



  6. Ooooh I love how you've done your hair!

  7. cool

    xo xo Nicol