Monday, April 16, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

The addition of bangs is making me want to rock ponytails a lot more. I loved the combo of bright blue and lace with a ponytail and an equally bright bag... martinis at noon anyone?

Jacket- Gibson/ Lace Blouse- Bellatrix/ Jeans- Hudson/ Belt- Anthropologie/ Shoes- Sam Edelman/ Handbag- Tory Burch/ Jewelry- Kate Spade, Alexis Bittar, Argento Vivo, Ariella/ Watch- Michael Kors

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last week, I mentioned I had cut bangs. As I've been focused on growing my hair out for the last few years, I was scared to try anything too different for fear I would regret it, yet I knew I needed a change.

In the past, I've been pretty bold with hair changes... I've had everything from a chin-length bob to platinum blonde hair to I-Love-Lucy-red curls. Once I decided I wanted it long though, I went cold-turkey. No curling, rarely straightening, and no cutting.

Eventually though, my itch returned. My wheels started spinning. Bangs crept into my mind.

The opinions I got when I asked a few friends seemed to be one of two:

"Yes, I love bangs!"
Or an "Oh my goodness, NEVER, I hate bangs!"(Nicole, I'm looking at you :).

So I went ahead and cut them.
Though they definitely make certain "easy" hairstyles more difficult (ponytails, wash-n-dry mornings), overall, they've been refreshing...and make headbands even more fun!

What hair style have you thought of trying but never quite bitten the bullet?
Or maybe you did! If so, what's the most drastic hair change you've ever tried?

Headband- Cara/ Denim Shirt- Cloth & Stone/ Tank- Hinge/ Shoes- Vince Camuto/ Black Cuff- Vintage/ Jewelry- Cara, Ariella, Argento Vivo/ Watch- Michael Kors

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rose Garden

While in Santa Barbara, we spent our days leisurely exploring some of the more scenic parts of Santa Barbara. One of those places was the Rose Garden across from the Mission. What we didn't expect is that the rose bushes would have no flowers (guess that's part of the whole "seasons" thing...). Nonetheless, it was still amazingly scenic, for obvious reasons.

Sweater- Halogen/ Blouse- Lily White/ Tanks- Stem/ Jeans- Vigoss/ Shoes- Steven by Steve Madden/ Handbag- Michael Kors/ Jewelry- Vintage, Alexis Bittar, Argento Vivo, Ariella/ Watch- Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prep School

Before Prep School...

If you hadn't noticed already, I had taken a brief sabbatical from blogging.
With so much going on at once, something had to take a backseat.
In the span of a few weeks, I:

* Went on a long weekend get-away to Santa Barbara

* Got engaged while there!
(Here at the top of this belltower...)

* Moved out of my apartment

* And most life-changingly, cut bangs ( I kid, I kid... but I did really cut bangs... pictures to come!)

With all the inspiration brewing in my head that hasn't been able to unfold onto Violet Tinder, it feels nice to have a moment...

So here is Prep School:

Jacket- Zara/ Vest- Nordstrom/ Striped Shirt- Target/ Belt- Ralph Lauren/ Handbag- YSL/ Scarf- Vintage/ Shoes- Steven by Steve Madden/ Jewelry- Argento Vivo, Alexis Bittar, Kendra Scott, Cara, Ariella/ Watch- Michael Kors

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Week's Grocery List- Here Comes Spring

Vince Camuto Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts? Yes, please! Though I've been on a big orange kick lately, that bright sunshiney yellow is the one stealing my heart... I would rock these with knee socks and a blazer or sandals and a Fruit-Stripes-Gum-bright top... And the best part about these Vince Camuto beauties? They are totally under $100.

Gucci "Marola" Jelly

Ok, ok, I know what you're probably thinking... Gucci jellies are totally unnecessary- jellies as a trend seemed to (sadly) disappear well over a decade ago and just because Gucci suddenly decided Middle School was cool again, doesn't make it so. Well, actually it does. I, personally, have waited for the day jelly sandles were "in" again and when they come in turquoise, hot pink, and neon yellow, I know that day has arrived!!! Plus, they're under $200. See, Gucci wants you to be able to save up your allowance and take 'em home.

Kate Spade "New Bond Street-Florence" Satchel

In my book, Kate Spade has been doing a lot of things right lately. On top of her signature happy-bright colors, she always throws a dash of sassy kitsch in the mix, while still maintaining her classy-dame signature polish. This handbag is allllll of that, manifested into one. And it needs to be on my arm.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ships Ahoy

This might ring a bell with you Brookfield alum... :)

Cream Sweater- Michael Kors/ Dress- Lush/ Navy Sweater-Shirt- Nordstrom/ Jeans- !It Denim/ Shoes- Sperry/ Handbag- Nordstrom/ Rings- Ariella/ Bracelets- Alexis Bittar, Cara, Argento Vivo/ Watch- Michael Kors

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweet Tart

First of all, I'm sorry for the lapse in posts!
But I'm back and oh-so excited for Valentine's Day... not for the Hallmark holiday but because I love anything that revolves around pink, hearts, and sweetness!

And I just have to post this, for obvious reasons... maybe this can be their next new flavor?!

Sweater- Nordstrom/ Blouse- Lush/ Jeans- Vigoss/ Belt- Via Spiga/ Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell/ Hair Toggle- Cara/ Ring- F21/ Earrings- Argento Vivo/ Bracelets- Givenchy, Alexis Bittar, Nordstrom, Argento Vivo/ Watch- Michael Kors